Terms and Conditions are as below

1. CA Rakesh Agrawal has started the brand ambassador program for students who have studied from CA Rakesh Agrawal and wish to spread the word about his teaching among peer groups.

2. CA Rakesh Agrawal reserves the right to approve or reject the application, without stating an explanation for the same.

3. CA Rakesh Agrawal holds the authority to change the terms at any point of time without any prior intimation and consent.

4. CA Rakesh Agrawal holds the right to assign cashback on specific products only

5. Government Taxes (e.g. TDS, GST etc.) as may be applicable from time to time, shall be deducted / levied and the Brand Ambassador has to comply with them.

6. The settlement cycle is monthly and your cashback amount will be settled on the 15th day of next month.

7. Brand Ambassador has to inform us about any changes in the bank account details and also update it on our website using their log in password.